Recap: Life is Insane

After 5 trips to 5 different cities, 66 total hours in a car, 6 hours on a plane and 28 total miles on a kayak,  I am finally home to stay (for now at least).

I’ve really enjoyed my time gallivanting around but I’m super pumped to be back for the foreseeable future. It really stinks not being in your routine for so long (spending $$$ for a gym that’ll probably ask if you’re looking for a membership when you walk back in) (moving all your hair products into tiny travel size containers and then not being able to get the last little bit out, (it’s expensive product, I really need that last drop!)) (pupper treats everytime I walk in as a time to howl and lecture me about being gone for too long), but overall I’m thankful for the time I’ve spent making memories with people I love.

This has all come at a good time in my life I guess. There’s always that saying that if not now, then when? I’m a big believer in pursuing opportunities, whether it be traveling or career opportunities, church or volunteer opportunities, etc. But this has also come at a time when I definitely feel that still, small voice telling me to go deeper. I feel like my life has literally been so on-the-go that I’m just too busy. It’s not like I’ve been too busy on my phone scrolling through hours of Instagram, but really, I have made myself feel too busy.

How hard is it to wake up 10 minutes earlier (actually get out of bed when I’m supposed to) and just start my day with some quiet time with the Lord? Turns out, it’s really not. While I’m finally getting back into the groove of things here, I’m determined to make that still, small voice the loudest thing in my life.

Things have felt so haywire in my life and I’ve been extremely stressed out. There’s so much on my mind and so much really weighing on my shoulders – more to come if it all works out *fingers crossed emoji* – and no wonder I’ve felt this chaos! In the stress of my packing, traveling, attending events, etc., I was really only fitting my prayer time into my schedule while I was doing something like driving, or getting ready in the morning. Truth be told, I’ve learned to give myself a little bit of grace here because I used to be too hard on myself about this. But with where I’m at in my walk with God, I feel like it’s not enough. It truly causes frustration and chaos because I KNOW what I should be doing but the longer I put it off, the crazier and more chaotic things become. It’s really a horrible cycle LOL.

So here’s to breaking the cycle, because if not now, then when?

My tips for the perfect quiet time with Jesus:

  1. Lay out your outfit for work/school/etc. the night before.
  2. Pack your lunch/drink the night before.
  3. Set that coffee maker on automatic! If it’s not already, join us in 2017 *hehe
  4. Wake up to the first alarm. Don’t be late for Jesus!
  5. Don’t feel like you have to travail every single time. There are times when it’ll naturally happen but seriously don’t make yourself feel like ‘oh I gotta sit here for the next hour because it’s just what I have to do’
  6. Change your perspective about it. Verbally reinforce how you get to wake up and talk to the Lord.
  7. Don’t stop praying just because you get up off the floor, chair, whatever. Worship and praise are to be continuous in our lives and I find it to be easier to do this when I’m not carrying the guilt of that being my only time with the Lord. (Still working on that ‘giving myself grace’ thing)

Well, hopefully this helps someone, if not then at least you know why I’ve been MIA.
Have you gone on any fun summer trips? I’d love to hear about your favorite spots to go!



Review: High Stone Reflexology

Believe it or not I’m a 20 something year old that has never gotten a massage before. I kept telling myself I would get one after licensing was done for my job but never made it pen & paper official {aka my planner is my best friend}.

My sister and I have also been trying to make my mom to get a massage since last year so finally we planned it, it made to my planner, and we went! We went to High Stone Reflexology in Colleyville and I’ve got to say their service and the overall experience was so great!

It wasn’t everything I expected where you go into a secluded room and are only left to a towel to cover up with. To my surprise, everyone is in one room but it’s completely quiet with the exception of some light music playing.  The masseuse that was helping me was so good, I can’t rave enough.

Since it was my first time, I notated that light to firm pressure was good. Instead of the intense/deep pressure. If you go all out with something like a deep tissue massage for your first time, prepare to be super sore. I definitely don’t recommend starting out with something so strong unless you know for sure that’s what you want.

One thing I really liked about this service was that they were extremely thorough as far as going through all the pressure points that you don’t realize connect to another part of your body or like sinuses or something!

My mom and sister both really enjoyed their masseuses as well which is a win because if it can please my sister with no complaints, then it really was a job well done! Also, PSA they have a first timers deal – 70 minutes for $34 which is absolutely unheard of from all the different spas I looked at! I’d definitely recommend this place to a friend and my family and I have already decided on the date we’ll be back!

This post has not been sponsored, the review reflects an opinion of my own


Girls Day Out

You should never underestimate the power of a girls day! Not only is it therapeutic but it’s so energizing to be around your girlfriends. On one {hot} Saturday, my friends and I went to walk Main Street in Grapevine.

I’ve lived around this area forever, we even came here for their amazing Christmas lights a few years back, but I’ve never gone into the boutiques before! It was so fun, I bought the cutest sandals for only $10 at the first store… I feel like that’s how you know it’s going to be a great day.


We also stopped at the Grapevine Farmers Market which was seriously so cute! They even had macaroons there. I’ve been trying to cut dairy and sugar out of my diet so sadly that was the first time I’ve EVER not bought a macaroon that was in plain sight.

Seriously, how cute is she?!^^

After we walked through Main Street (and I said no to gelato, also an upsetting first) we took our party to shop at Belk and Target! I had never been to Belk before but I’d constantly heard I needed to go and it was AMAZING. I literally saved $240, that is beyond me. My friend Hanna was an angel and she’s also just gifted at finding cute things that are on sale. She picked out a whole cart of things for me to try on. I owe her forever!


Stores that have the best deals usually mean lots of rummaging through clothing racks which sometimes gives me anxiety so going with a group of friends for the sole purpose of finding cute stuff we wanted to buy was way better. I literally couldn’t have done it alone.

The rest of the day was spent frolicking through target, laughing and getting to know each other more. I’m so thankful for a group of girls that I can count on and be honest with. You can never underestimate the power behind a group of girls!!


New York; Recap

So this post is sooo long overdue but just wanted to share some highlights of my most recent trip to the Big Apple. This city has always and will always make me so happy.

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt and it was a beautiful property! This was when I was still working with Hyatt so they welcomed my sister and I with a great amenity. Our room had a nice view even though we were hardly in it, it was a great gesture from the staff.

VSCO Cam-4.jpg

It was my sister’s first time so we hit all the typical touristy spots that just needed to be seen – like Saks Fifth Avenue window displays, the Rockefeller tree, The Met, Times Square, you get the picture. For food, we went off the map and it was bomb every time.

VSCO Cam-10.jpg

No one does Christmas better than New York! I missed Santacon this year but still, I’m a total goon over Christmas so I got my fix. Santacon is such a fun experience though.  You definitely don’t see streets of Texas flooded with Santas ever.

VSCO Cam-3.jpg

We walked past the Hyatt Centric and went up to their sky lounge. It’s the tallest rooftop in the city! So gorgeous, and I have no idea why my sister and I always stand on the same side of each other. Just noticing that LOL.


We went to my first broadway show! I’ve never been a fan of musicals (don’t judge me) but I was in drill team in high school so I really enjoyed seeing the Rockettes. They had the cutest performance and it was so done up. I loved seeing all the crazy sets. Also, we were in the second or third row – yes!


The furthest we got out of Manhattan was for the 9/11 Memorial Museum which was insane. It was so surreal and incredible to see the new One World Trade Center there. They had so many replaying news stories, pieces of the old towers and artificats of people who were there that day but the one thing that stands out to me the most is the recored voicemails that were left for their loved ones.

VSCO Cam-6.jpg

We were able to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral while we were there. I’d never actually gone it, this place is gorgeous!! So much detail and we loved it.

VSCO Cam-9.jpg

We ate at 230 Fifth one morning for brunch and it had the most amazing views. And it was a buffet, holla!  My belly is too huge in the pictures we took with the view so here’s this snapchat filter picture.


We rode bikes through Central Park and actually took it to the streets of New York City. It was super fun to be honest LOL. You won’t catch me dead riding my bike on a street in DFW but it was super fun there. Later we went ice skating and met these amazing people, Adriana and Nick. They really made the trip come full circle for us. We had so much fun hanging out with them.

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

It’s always hard to leave the city but I’m glad to be adding more and more memories there. It’s by far one of my favorite places to go so far and can’t wait to go back!




Dear Moms and Dads,

1Teach me how to pray, stand firm for me, show me how to have church at home, lead me to Jesus.

Recently it’s been getting to me when I see a father hug his daughter after an amazing church service and altar call. Last Wednesday I saw someone’s mother go to the altar for a miracle she was praying for. Her deep prayers turned into a praise shout and that was just the most beautiful thing a daughter can see her mother experience. Knowing that while her mother was going through something she walked herself up to the altar, laid it down and received relief and victory over whatever was troubling her must’ve been extremely empowering for a daughter to see!
Do this for me. Show me that you know how to overcome.

You knew what to teach me to keep me on pace as a developing child. Things like my abc’s, manners, how to share, etc. But did you show me how to be a person after God’s heart? The world has shown me a million other ways to be. Why does it seem like I’ll disappoint you if I pick one of the million? While we weren’t having talks about God, I was in talks with my friends about other things. Did you show me how to be a person of prayer, of praising, of fasting, of anything? Because my friends showed me other ways I could be. They’re consistent too. I can always count on them to be ready to have a good time. Can I always count on hearing you pray early in the morning or into the late hours of the night?

I urge you, if you’re dating someone with the intention of marrying them, if you’re married and soon to have kids, or if you’re married with kids, please do your kids a favor and show them truth. In the home first, and in the church second. This part of life shouldn’t be a ‘do as a I say not as I do’ moment.

If you believe in heaven or hell, you should be setting your kids up to make it to heaven. I promise you, they want to see this effort from you and they will thank you for it.





My goooodness time has flown by. April 10, 2017 marked my first year back in church completed. It’s incredible to look back and see how much my life has changed within just 365 days. I thought I’d fill y’all in on some of the biggest takeaways that I’ve experienced.

Changing your life can be easy; but it’s up to you. Seems pretty elementary but it’s hard for lots of people to commit to making a change. When I came back to church I was absolutely desperate for God so, to me, it was a very black & white change. I had already tried taking control of my own life and it was hollow. While my life wasn’t horrible at the time- I had great friends, a great job, a great apartment, etc., it was just unfulfilling and I knew I wanted more.


It wasn’t always easy to skip out on happy hours, certain friends, the music I used to listen to, and the habits that used to get me through. When I first started making these changes, it was weird but then it become very natural and I enjoyed standing for something.


Being a true Christian means your whole life changes. That can cause distance between preexisting relationships. Some people just won’t really like the new you. Some folks think being a Christian means going to church on Sunday’s and that’s better than nothing and I don’t condemn that at all, but really it can be so much more. Committing to this life meant I couldn’t listen to the same music I used to because of the topics and the colorful language it incorporated. I can’t go to church and feel clean when I’m letting those thoughts and words flow through my mind and my mouth every day. My appearance and style had to change because the way I used to carry myself really didn’t align with how I wanted to be anymore. Really everything was affected when I recommitted. I dropped a lot of things so
from the outside it seemed like I was losing a lot but I never felt like I lost a single thing.


Life is a whole lot better while attending church. And I’m not just saying that. Even in the darkest times, twenty minutes spent in a church service is better than years outside of it. Once you truly grasp how great it is to be called into His Kingdom, there’s no going back. I walked out on church because I didn’t understand it for myself but when I did, I found it to be the most real and amazing thing to have a purpose put on your life.


I wish I could explain all the intricacies that have been going on but really this would be much longer of a post if I did. I’m so glad that God pulled me out of who I was. And like I said, my life wasn’t awful outside of church but I’ve tasted and seen a much sweeter love now and I’ve never been happier.



Spring Forward

3It’s only been two days since we’ve sprung forward and I am not quite sure how I feel about getting to work when it’s dark and leaving work when it’s nearly dark.
I love spring but I can feel myself missing my vitamin D already!

One thing I’m loving is the jump into Spring clothes, unless you live in the Northeast which is apparently getting slammed with a winter-esque storm (sorry guys!)

Here are some styles that I’ve loved seeing!

High and bold necklines
Being Apostolic, I can obviously appreciate a high neckline.
While this dress has a little more subtle of a neckline than I’ve seen, the extremely high neckline enough of a surprise to make a bold statement.

Dress1Badgley Mischka 2017

Marc Jacobs

Bell sleeves
Honestly, soon to be seen everywhere and I’m not complaining about this one either. The plethora of bell sleeves are elegant enough to be paired with a pencil skirt and/or dainty enough to be paired with a bolder A-line skirt. #options

Neiman Marcus


Chunky shoes
While these sandals aren’t chunky themselves, the embellishments on them are! Whether it’s a chunky heel, a cute wedge or chunky accents – bold is definitely the theme of Spring
Steve Madden

Forever 21

These are a few styles I’m so excited about!
What are some of your favorite Spring styles that excite you?